Pranayama-The Breathing Exercise

A Deep Breathing Yogic breathing or pranayaam revitalises the body steadies the emotion and creats great clarity of the mind. Yoga breathing exercises are performed sitting down with the spine neck and head in a straight line in the lotus pose. Kalpabhati is a kriyas of purification besides being a pranayama. The forced exhalation rids […]

Swim for Fit

1. Works your whole body One of the biggest benefits of swimming is that it truly works your entire body, head to toe. Swimming: increases your heart rate without stressing your body tones muscles builds strength builds endurance 2. Works your insides, too While your muscles are getting a good workout, your cardiovascular system is, […]

How Get Abs??!!

Why Belly Fat Is So Stubborn If you’re having trouble losing belly fat, don’t worry… You’re not genetically cursed. You don’t need to do special exercises. Your hormones are probably fine. You’re not eating the “wrong” foods (no, sugar isn’t the problem). You don’t need to give up carbs. The reality is you could follow […]